About Me


Whilst originally created to indulge my love of all things Italian, this blog has become a way of sharing all of my adventures; from battling with unruly children as an au pair to embarking on a degree at university. However, no matter which country I’m in or which cuisine I’m consuming, the truth is, I’m always searching for ‘la dolce vita’….

3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. i was reading your blog and was curious as too this friend who introduced you to bella italia! They are never named but they sound like a brilliant contact to have. Your food looks amazing you are a true inspiration to those of us who too share you italian dream. You say the ham is exported to Harrods, where did you get it in Italy, i am here myself but only for a few more days and really want to find out!!

    • alifoodie said:

      Well thank you Bronte, your kind words have truly touched me. Actually, my contact is a tad slow and slightly brain damaged, so in fact our friendship blossomed from the pity which i felt for her. On to the ham, I sourced it from a small panificio run my an old and wisened woman – I think that her name was Signora Bertorini – maybe you’ve heard of her??? Anyway, I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed my blog, tune in tomorrow for my enthralling musings on risotto! it promises to be fun!

  2. Fantastic… You are added to the food blogger guest list at Fortnum & Mason. Let me know if you can come recipes@VanessaKimbell.com

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