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Those early birds among us not only catch the worm, they get to run their fingers through the first threads of the day; watch as the faint breath of light grows stronger and then smile, as finally the morning breaks and becomes that solid, reliable thing that we all know (and that a few of us) love.Image



I never used to be a morning person. At school I would moan and groan like a rusty engine at the first dreaded buzz off the alarm clock. I would roll, bleary eyed, out of bed and stumble downstairs for breakfast. No, for me 630am was The Devil’s Hour.


Somehow, against all odds, university has changed me. I now see those premature hours as time to be cherished and like an irritatingly eager student (which I am in fact not), I use the morning to get a bit of reading done before the day’s distractions consume my motivation and I’m left doing nothing but watching Youtube videos and eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

On Friday morning I managed to impress even myself in the productive morning stakes. As it was my friend’s birthday I finally had an excuse to wrestle myself some time and energy to bake a cake. As you can imagine, baking a chocolate cake in a kitchen which is under the constant threat of being entered by said friend, at any given moment, makes everything infinitely trickier. It led to this situation: Me, with baking equipment and ingredients piled on desk, flour in my hair, egg on my laptop, trying desperately to stir my batter with a ruler as I’d forgotten to bring in a spoon (if Birthday friend is reading this, don’t worry, it was clean).


In the end the chocolate sponge turned out well, but at one in the morning I had no interest in icing it. So there I was at 6:30am, with the light draining faintly into my room and ganache specking my face, icing the cake.  

And it was delicious. 




For the recipe for this chocolate cake follow this link to one of my earlier posts: https://italianinspiration.wordpress.com/2011/10/03/434/

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