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It’s almost five years ago that I started writing this blog. There was no real reason for it, apart from having a place to talk about gap year adventuring. If you make the ill-advised decision to skip to those early few months, you’ll see that, for a seventeen-year-old, I had an unusual appetite for Italy. Looking back, there was something unconvincingly perky about my tone, about my enthusiasm. Yet, take that away and there was – there still is – a genuine passion for food and for Italy. To this day, the smell of an Italian supermarket gets my heart racing like nothing else.


The seventeen-year-old Alice, looking wistful in Venice.

But does Italy really inspire everything I blog about? No. Less than a year after I started writing I moved to a Madrid for three months and all I wanted to talk about was what it felt to be indescribably lonely during a Madrilenian autumn (I actually refrained from writing about that, which was probably a mistake).

Post-university, post-aupairing, and post-Italian obsession, I feel that the name Italian Inspiration is even emptier. So I’ve upped sticks; I’ve moved blogging homes; I’ve bought a new domain name.

From this post forward you can find me at To The Table. Don’t worry, this new blog will no doubt include far too much fawning over Italy and hopefully a lot more recipes.

Speaking of which, why not read about this delicious Risotto alla Milanese on the blog now. Subscribers, PLEASE subscribe there once again (scroll down a bit and you’ll see the box on the lefthand side). It’ll all be the same, but with the added splash of the uncertainty, frugality and hopeless dreaming of a recent graduate.

Now go please go forth, to the table, and thanks for sticking with me.





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